Thursday, 5 August 2010

Berlin's First...

I am so excited — I got to experience New York's first (pretty sure) taco truck in Williamsburg and now the Mexican street deliciousness has made it's way from my home Cali to NYC to Berlin! Thanks to Sugarhigh, an awesome site I just discovered all about this fair city, I now know that Tacos Berlin will be parked at the Nowkoelln Flowmarket (a flea market by my house that I have been meaning to check out anyway) this Saturday. Not getting my hopes up for the perfect taco or anything, but ordering from the truck (in German?) will be fun and the pic looks pretty delish, no?

Side note: when I first got here, one year ago, getting Mexican food was very unlikely and probably not worth the risk of it being terrible (I am a California Mexican food snob and it was the same way in NYC), but recently I have seen Mexican restaurants popping like little hot tamales all over the place in Berlin. We even went to one for my birthday and had some pretty tasty guac, tacos and margaritas.I wonder if this food trend is just here or if it's spreading throughout Germany and Europe as well. Ooh I need to go make some dinner, tengo hambre.

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Toni said...

Do you know the restaurant Tipica? ( It's a taqueria in Rosenstraße / Ecke Rochstraße in Berlin-Mitte.