Friday, 20 August 2010

It's a Blog World

Tavi at Christian Dior January, 2010

I love being a blogger. It is a consistent hobby — albeit a bit of a narcisstic one — when so many of my others I only dabble in sporadically (sewing, yoga, soccer, learning German eek!) or tried to get into and just failed miserably (lomo photography, baking, hopefully not learning German and most likely my recent fantasy of learning how to play the accordion, don't even ask).

Being an avid personal blogger as well as one professionally has got me pretty good at navigating the Internet and the blogospere and finding things and people that entertain and interest me and hopefully my few readers. Anway, there are actually two things I am trying to say. 

1) Despite this love and maybe addiction to the blogoshpere, it's always nice to make such connections in the real world. Yes, the real world. While I was in Copenhagen I got to meet the lovely Sarah Leigh, who is an avid blogger and fashion hound herself and who has a much more comprehensive tale of Copenhagen Fashion Week over on her blog. You should definitely check it out and get lost in all her style musings.

2) Also, I wrote
a story about bloggers — the ones with actual followers, personal invites to fashion shows, design collaborations, marketing campaigns and well their own celebrity status. Check it out here.


meg said...

really good job on the article meggy. super true! and i think it's hilarious that a fashion editor got pissed for having to sit behind tavi's gigantic bow. ha. kids.

ashley said...

Your article was great! Its really fascinating to think about the whole concept of celebrity changing due to bloggers.
and learning German is pretty much the bane of my existence. Ever time I think I am making strides, I learn some new grammar that knocks me back down again. why oh why must it be so damn complicated?!?!?!