Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Shopping Lockdown

After spending way too much time and money shopping in the past few weeks and every day our bedroom looking more and more like a women's clothing store, I have put the kibosh on buying any new clothes or shoes until the seasons change (mark my words Karsten!). It will be tough I know, but I think I can do it — especially with the support of all my recently purchased items from Berlin thrift stores and H&M of all places. 

I definitely have a new found or maybe simply a found love for H&M since I moved to Europe. I swear it is so much better over here that it makes it almost worth the risk of wearing the exact same thing as someone else in the street. Another theory is that the thrift stores in Berlin are about the same price as H&M so I am no longer going to them for basics — just unique vintage pieces — and am buying my necessaries, plus a few goodies I find in the mix, at H&M.

So here are the goods:

*Maxi leaf-pattern button skirt: thrift Alexanderplatz Humana (this fall I have decided that I am going to dress like your 3rd grade teacher).
*Gray booties: on sale at Zara 
*Over-sized cropped tees in tan and black: H&M (so good with anything high-wasted)
*80s pattern pleated cotton pants: thrift Alexanderplatz Humana (the absolute perfect fit and comfort and not too saggy in the butt. But I think I might not have the balls to pull off the pattern with confidence, so am thinking of dying them a shade of blue).
*Sleeveless white button-up blouse: thrift Alexanderplatz 
Humana (just what I was looking for).
*Black A-line skirt: H&M
*Gray drawstring pants: thrift Alexanderplatz Humana (obviously I am into super comfy pants lately, but I have to figure out how to wear these without them looking like pajamas).
*Black platforms: H&M (these were a splurge that I normally wouldn't have gone for, but once they were on my feet I knew there was no turning back.  I'm in love).
*Tan vintage tee: in the 4 euro bin at Glad I Never (a cute little new design, vintage and second-hand store where yes, you can get things for 4 euro. And aren't the cut-out shoulders fab!).
*Black & white razorback striped tank: H&M

Listening to the new Arcade Fire album "The Surburbs" on NPR. Thoughts on that later.

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Theresa said...

I love the white sleeveless blouse – so classy and perfect for summer! Have fun with all your finds and thrifts!! Next time I'm in Berlin I definitely want to check out that Humana thrift store!