Friday, 13 August 2010

Typo Tattoo

As an editor, or even a person I think, this is possibly the worst thing ever. It seems Rihanna may have to wear a scarf on the streets of Paris from now on, as her new French neck tattoo has a grammatical error. Eeek, makes me feel terrible even writing that. Read story here.


Sarah Diebel said...

Quel scandale !

Jodie said...

To be fair to Rihanna, the tattoo's always going to mean "Rebel Flower" to her and that's all that matters. She's not writing a text book on French.

But the way she turned round and basically told native French speakers that the tattoo is correct - effectively saying that she knew better than them! - that was just offensive. If she wanted to save face, she could have just said that she was aware that it was wrong, she just preferred the way "Rebelle Fleur" sounded. That might still have annoyed people a bit but it's a lot better than telling native speakers they don't know their own language. She should have checked the text with a professional translation agency beforehand, just so she could be certain of her facts.