Friday, 23 January 2009

Winter Wardrobe

Coats and jackets are like shoes to me, I have a ridiculous amount of them (around 80) but I usually end up wearing one pair all the time while the rest sit and gather dust. It’s sad but true. As for the coats, I usually adopt a new one as my go-to each winter; and this year it’s a classic black pea coat that I alternate between two puffy jackets for when it’s freezing out — my totally-inappropriate-for-
work homeless chic grandma coat that is stained and missing all its buttons or the totally appropriate-for-work-but-makes-me-
feel-dead-inside black puffer from the GAP that Deanna gave me. Anyway, I do have a point; yesterday I randomly decided to wear last year’s go-to item (an old black coat from a friend of my stepmoms who so sweetly gave me her vintage hand-me-downs), and Sunny (the coat maker) appropriately commented that she hadn’t seen that one in a while. Then this morning I came across this lovely picture on The Sartorialist that captures exactly what I love about that coat (especially the girl on the right); how it gathers at the waist then poofs out so slightly. It’s the perfect match for a short skirt and tights. So maybe I will give my pea a break for a bit and re-discover why I love all those beauties hanging in the hall closet. Oh coats, I really could go on about them for days.

P.S. It’s 45 degrees out and sadly, and happily, for us NYCers it’s like a tropical heat wave. So fuck coats.

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