Thursday, 29 January 2009

Dating A Banker Anonymous

This shit is hilarious. Read it. Poor baby girls... See Aaron and Deanna this is why I date losers.

Here's an excerpt from the actual blog. I will have to admit it's pretty entertaining.

This whole messy ordeal has advanced my Botox start date by at least two years. Like every other DABA girl, the economy was wreaking havoc on my relationship and youthful good looks. Phone calls went unanswered, Hamptons invitations un-extended, plans canceled (including, but not limited to, expensive opening night tickets to the ballet, which were scalped instead of being graciously offered to me and a galpal), and so forth and so on. Until – the horror of all horrors – my FBF lost his job, which I guess technically downgrades him to just my BF.

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