Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Remember Him?

Oh Eliot Spitzer is back from the dead and criticizing Obama’s “New New Deal” in which Mr. Pres wants to invest in the bridges and roads that hold our country together. Spitzer on the other hand thinks those roads and bridges are a lost cause, and that we should instead invest in robots, well sort of. Read it here, it's interesting and he has some good points. Maybe he would have been able to use them in the future if he didn’t, you know.

I almost felt sorry for Spitzer with the whole prostitute deal—sure a man likes to get laid by someone other than his wife and has such power that he thinks it’s his right to do so—not to say that it’s right but I get it. And that doesn’t devalue his ideas or make him a bad politician. But then you throw in the whole hypocrite deal, and any feeling sorry for him is out the window. As the attorney general for the state of New York his thing was prosecuting prostitution rings and their patrons, he was that guy. So yeah, he might have a valid point but is anyone listening?

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