Friday, 16 January 2009

Remember Them?

Weird facts (maybe) I learned from Perez Hilton. It’s for work I swear!

1) Joaquin Pheonix, who just used to be so dreamy, has kissed acting goodbye for the world of music. This isn’t what surprised me — I just thought he was still running with the whole Johnny Cash thing. But no, in fact my man is making a rap album and P Diddy is producing it. What? Really? Really? What?

2) It appears that the ex possible first lady, Cindy McCain, was in talks to be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars and was super excited about it, until Mr. Frankenstein arms himself (bless his heart) put his little tiny foot down. Well, I know I wouldn’t really want my wife to go on DWTS, but that is for completely different reasons than John. He probably just didn’t want to get hounded by the press for how he never appeared in the audience. I mean, this is the man who didn’t notice that his wife had a drug problem. Poor Cindy, this could have finally been the attention she deserves, and she probably would have been hilarious. Does Botox affect your balance?

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