Friday, 16 January 2009

D is for Denmark...Again

One of the many things on the long list of reasons why I hate New York winters is that I don’t get to ride my bike. My ex, who never went anywhere without his wheels no matter the temperature, used to get annoyed that mine always went into a winter hibernation. But truthfully, as much as I love riding through Brooklyn on a beautiful day, I just get too cold come winter time. But maybe I should suck it up and change my ways; I just found out that 80% of people in Copenhagen ride their bikes all year-round despite the snow, sleet, wind and rain. And, Denmark has topped the World's Happiest People surveys for the past 20 years. Coincidence?

P.S. Last night was the coldest it’s been in NYC in three years. Brrr.

Thanks A CUP OF JO.

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