Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween from Afar

This is the third Halloween in a row that I have been out of the United States and the first year that I have not dressed up at all. And even though I am used to it, and really Halloween can't be that big of a deal (right?), I still can't help being jealous. Especially with all those weekend party pics plastered all over the Facebook. Dressing up is one of my favorite things to do and Halloween in the States is the ultimate. Nothing beats getting ready with your friends, taking photos and stuffing your face with candy. Mmmm.

Last year and the year before in Germany we put together some last minute costumes and managed to find parties where at least some people were dressed up, but it will never compare to being in NYC where an entire subway car is filled with people trying to outdo each other with the cleverest costumes — and clever costumes there are. Anyway, it's fine, I'm cool with it, I am going to sushi in England, and that's not so bad.  

But I did manage to find some pics of the last time I was in the Sates for Halloween, when Sarah and I dressed up as beauty queens — Miss New Jersey and Miss Alabama — with orange tans, fake fingernails, accents and all. It was pretty fun. I'll also throw in a photo I just received of my niece in California and her pumpkin collection. So cute. So yes, have a Happy Halloween for me! I'll have some sashimi for you. 


Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Hehe-that costume was great :D i'm not dressing up this year either, wish i was!!

Megan said...

pls take that pic of me down! yikes! missed you like crazy on halloween meggy. not the same without you.