Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Barcelona Weekend Roundup

Last weekend I went to Spain for the first time in about eight years and it felt just as amazing as it always did. I was born there and studied abroad there as well, so the country has always held a place in my heart and it made it even more special to be there with someone who does also.
We managed to pack a lot into our three days in the city and even though it rained a bit, it was still so much warmer than back in England or NYC. One day I got to wear a skirt without tights and always just my light military jacket. Amazing. So anyway, my dear friend Rachael used to lived in Barcelona and sent us off with a detailed email of where we should go according to her life there. So we followed her lead from Gaudí's Park Güell to an authentic Catalan restaurant on a tiny street to the "cafe" she used to work at. So nice to see the city from a local point of view, I only wished she was the one serving us our late night cervezas.

We also managed to discover some places on our own and with the help of the Internet of course (well I pretty much just followed along as he researched and lead the way) including an amazing tapas restaurant where we ended up eating two nights in a row because it was so delish (I've never done that before), a bar called Wow!, a pool table where you paid for a half an hour and played for how ever long (love Spanish rules) and an American-esque brunch spot (sometimes you just need a break from jamon y queso, no?). And of course we walked on tiny cobble stone streets, ducked into churches, drank cafe con leche at outside tables, strolled along the deserted beach and drank massive amounts of vino. What else do you do in Spain? 

Here are some pics. I know disclaimers are annoying, but I wish they were better. Granted it rained a lot (hence the weird frizzy hair) and I just wasn't in my normal excessive photo taking vacation mode, maybe I was simply too distracted with all the things above: 

Outfit: Skirt (Primark), cropped black tee (H&M), military jacket (Gap), booties (ASOS) and vintage bag (Beacon's Closet) 
Outfit: Shirt (Primark), vintage Levi shorts (thrift Berlin), military jacket (Gap), booties (ASOS) and vintage bag (Beacon's Closet) 

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