Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Little Things I Love About England...

...Primark. I think I am not supposed to admit that — you know with all the terribly cheap (child labor?), terribly made (fall apart in just days) clothes knocked-off of legitimate designers. But the thing is, there is a time and place for such things. Maybe? For a very long time now I have been obsessed with chunky heel, dark blue shoes: first it was these, then there was these — which I actually tried on last time I was in London, but even though they are so much less expensive than the Miu Mius, I still just couldn't bring myself to spend a couple hundred on a pair of six inch heels that, unlike Hanelli, I won't be able to wear on a daily basis...or ever, really. More recently, the idea of these fantasy shoes being done in velvet came into the picture, first with these and then with these. Yet again, Dries van Noten? I don't think so. And the Topshop pair, again cheaper, but these are boots made of velvet, not really a practical choice for wet New York winters. 

So it seemed my blue shoe dreams were just not going to come true. Until yesterday that is, when I popped into Primark to buy a cheap pair of gloves and a scarf (PS. I'm in England and it's cold) and okay, maybe take a quick look around, and there they were: chunky, blue, velvet and cheap. As much as I want to own quality well-made goods that will last a lifetime, they don't have to to be my six inch velvet heels (who can tell in velvet anyway?) that may only leave the apartment on my feet two or three times in their lifetime. 18 pounds (yup) is just fine for them, and I think I feel almost as excited...
And just for fun, and scale and to show how these shoes will probably be worn most of the time, here's the whole model shot of me in them in my pajamas. Look how tall I am! So any ideas where I can wear my new favorite shoes with proper clothes?

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Anonymous said...

I love them, you look so great honey!