Sunday, 20 June 2010

Fussball Break

Did you know that soccer is fussball (pronounced foosball) in German and foosball is called kicker? Anyway, on Friday I watched all three cup games, each with a different person, and I will say I am starting to see soccer in my head when I close my eyes. And from the benches these Germans have us sit on to the stress of the anxiety-inducing USA tie (that would have been a win if it wasn't for the doofus above) my back is aching! So this weekend I have taken a little soccer break, only hearing the cheers from the bar downstairs from our house where we have become all too regular. I feel overwhelmed with all the soccer I have been watching, but have I told you that my brother Andrew has taken off work so he can watch every single game—that is 64 games my friend! He is probably walking around in a daze talking like a straight up sportscaster by now. Nutters.

Breaking news: looks like I might have to watch the Brazil v. Cote D'ivoire tonight.

*Thanks for the tip Franziska. 


Franziska said...
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meg said...

brazil wooped them...