Monday, 14 June 2010

Berlin Weekend Roundup (Little things I love)

Last week I told you that one of the little things I love about Berlin is that it stays light out so late—well I just discovered that the day begins much earlier too. On Friday night (Sat morning) Karsten and I found ourselves out a little later than we anticipated (but still not later than bar closing time in NYC) and our walk home was already completely in daylight. With the streets being empty-ish, I of course had to take advantage of the opportunity and stage a little photo shoot (bag and shoes both thrifted in Berlin) in front of all the Turkish wedding dress stores in my Neukölln neighborhood. There are tons of them around every corner—yet another little thing I love about Berlin. Aren't they amazing? Such tacky goodness. The rest of the weekend took a more relaxing tone with a lot of lounging and World Cup watching.

It all went something like this: Indian food, second half of Uruguay v. France outside, walk through the park, Club Mate (my new energy go-to drink), drinks on Skalitzer Straße with Anne, Konrad TönzNeukölln wedding inspiration, late night kebabs, sleeping in, name game, Kreuzberg flea market with Erin, talk with our new vendor friend Charlie, new impractical (but cool) bag, milchkaffee by the water, USA v. England downstairs, Weeds, Sunday house cleaning, Vietnamese salad, Germany v. Australia downstairs, celebration in the streets, long overdue phone conversation with Sarah

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