Thursday, 10 June 2010

Nepotism at its FINEST

I've been listening to bits of Karen Elson's (who happens to be one of the lovely redheads I covet) debut LP "The Ghost Who Walks" this balmy Berlin afternoon. I will have to say that even though there are so many reasons one would want or expect this album to be terrible:

A) She is a gorgeous model with an uber successful career and amazing style
B) She is married to Jack White
C) Jack White produced the album

But my friends no, it is not terrible at all. In fact I kinda of like it; the way I kind of like the White Stripes. Some songs can go but I am into the one below — makes me want to find a long dress like hers, sway and a dance with my arms in the woods by a burning fire. Oh yeah.

But back to the nepotism I am not done yet — so Jack White played the drums on some songs of course, but also her drummer is Jackson Smith, son of Patti Smith and husband of Meg White. Isn't that amazing? I love keeping it in the family.

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Sarah said...

Remember her cover of Serge Gainsbourg's "Je t'aime mon non plus" with Cat Power in 2006? Her singing career has been blossoming for some time.

She needs some eye brows that Karen Elson.