Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Berlin Weekend Roundup

The thing about my weekends is: they just keep getting longer. I know this is nothing to complain about, but the things I need to do in my week keep expanding too. Hence the lack of posts. But anway, last weekend which happened to involve my birthday, my brother, his wife and their 11 month old (there they all are on one bike!) ended yesterday at about 4 when I said a bit of a tipsy goodbye after our final of many liquid plus cheese plate lunches. Although the weather (curse you Berlin) was only pleasant for a day and half of their stay, we had a wonderful time being together and doing the usual: eating, drinking, being merry, and these days hanging with baby. And Saturday was one of those quintessential Berlin warm days and maybe one of the best days I have had here. Karsten also had a friend in town this weekend who was fun to chat with and who tagged along for some of the family fun as well. We even managed to find a proper Mexican food restaurant for my birthday dinner (no piñata this year though, probably for the best). I can't wait to go back again and again. I also can't wait for next weekend when we have no guests (no offense, it's just tiring) and no plans whatsoever. But that said, I am sure it won't compare to the fun the last few days.

It all went something like this: "pre-birthday" kebabs, carnations, and wine, downstairs for drinks with Andreas from Munich, morning family greeting, an empty before 11 am Berlin, hilarious but annoying wait for brunch, cheese plate that wasn't called a cheese plate, free "hot drinks," road soda, walk through the park, ping pong, playground,
pool by the river (badeschiff), grapefruit beer, Nani run in, Manny run in, Andreas meetup #2, evening sun, evening swim for the boys, beds of sand, dinner on the river dock, Andrew, Karsten, Sadie schnitzel-off, stroll to the ice cream shop, bike ride home, Andreas meetup #3, first ex-girlfriend run in (eeek), 29!, new birthday shoes via K, chocolate croissant breakfast, family bike ride, a bicycle built for three, Russian Memorial, fitting thunder storm, bratworst and beers, cards at my house, playground, Mexican feast, Zoolander, dead tired sleep.

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