Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Not sure if you noticed (of course you didn't) in this pic my boyfriend and I are wearing very similar outfits. He walked in the door from work and we instantly looked at each other and laughed. We were pretty much wearing the masculine and feminine version of the same outfit: dark jeans, cream vintage shirt and all. I made him change before we went out to dinner. But this actually happens a lot (as you can see below), and sometimes we don't notice until we are already out the door. The thing about being twins with him is that I don't mind it as much as if it were with another girl (sometimes it is kinda sweet). Actually, a very fond NYC memory of mine is when Mitchell and I showed up to a Liz & Legs DJ night wearing the exact same thing. We flipped out of course, but it was more hilarious then embarrassing. But for some reason, matching a random chick at a party is my worst nightmare (well maybe not worst, but it is up there). One of the things I love about wearing so many vintage clothes, is that it is very unlikely that I will ever run into my doppelganger. I mean every time I wear something obviously from H&M, I get nervous that she is out there. So what is it about being twins that is so terrible for us ladies? I mean this mother daughter combo and trio of little boys is simply adorable.
(This was not on purpose I swear.)

Pics from Jak & Jill and Hither and Thither.

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