Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Bars/Clubs I Like, Berlin: Wilde Renate

Why: I was told I would like this place and I finally made it there on my last week here in Berlin. Vintage wallpaper, brick walls, deer antlers, old lady lamps hanging from the ceiling: uh yeah, Renate was made for me. The whole Brooklynesque vibe got me of course, but it was the European touches that truly made it a standout: the old piano, the coal heating, and the castle-like cold wall atmosphere that you just wouldn’t find in Williamsburg.

I would have been happy just sitting in such an environment, but since I was so drawn to the dance floor and spent most of my night there, I suppose I should somewhat wax poetic about that. This was the first club I have been to in a while that I wasn’t disappointed with the monotonous techno that some of these Berliners love (hence me not going to clubs very often) repeating the same beat over and over. If I am going to get into some electro, it’s got to be that house that builds up and climaxes into something so powerful it makes you hit the floor hard with your dance moves dictated for you differently each time—ideally with some melody and lyrics thrown in there too. And well that is what I got and I spent hours on the perfectly intimate but not overly crowded dance floor.

Also, on more low key nights Renate replaces it's dance floor with a pool table which is actually not that easy to find in this fair city.

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