Monday, 12 October 2009

I've Become One of Them...

Okay okay, so I said I was back and then now, a week later, I have still not posted a damn thing. My only excuse is that it has been hard to fall back into the blogging pattern – maybe it’s a little like the gym – when you are in the thick of it you become addicted and need to do it, but if you stop for a bit it is hard to get back into the routine. Wait, who I am kidding? I only dream I am one of those people who gets addicted to the gym and I actually have lots of excuses for my absence!

Since I have been back in Berlin I have been overloaded with work, but more so, overcome with the desire to just lay around and do nothing all day with my man. Yes, I have become one of those people. It has certainly been a long while since I have been in this stage and I will openly admit that I have talked a lot of shit about my friends who disappeared from the world when they fell in love (sorry!). It’s a strange thing how going out and being a part of normal society just seems so pointless all of a sudden, but yet this was so hard for me to grasp when I wasn’t in the thick of it (again sorry!).

And to my credit, it is freezing in Berlin so I don’t feel so bad staying in. AND, I have to go back to NYC in 21 days and leave him behind. So I should get my fill of this amazing laziness now, right? But I don’t want to think about that now, no way. AND FINALLY, when you’re laying in bed all day and not going out or scouring the blogosphere, the inspiring things coming your way begging you to write a blog entry about them are certainly few and far between. I hesitated even writing this blog, because honestly who really cares about all the little nothing things that are making me happy now, except me and well, him?

So anyway, I am here again making a concerted effort to get back into it or at least post the pics of my trip... Hold tight with this balloon (the old me) love (the new me) pic.

Thanks for the photo Le Love.

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