Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Umbria Part 1: The Cast - The Cahn Family

Never did I think that 11 of my family members would spend an entire week together, let alone a week lounging by the pool or under the shade of an Italian olive tree, playing doubles tennis and late night liar’s dice, changing diapers and answering Maisie’s constant questions, eating cured meats and Umbria’s finest delicacies, dangling hippie snakes and making up theme songs revolving around Wild Boar hunting...and in the end not killing each other. Sure there were tense moments over too many (or too few) glasses of wine or cards in a poker players' hand, but without that it wouldn’t be family. I am a lucky girl to have such memories of such loved ones. And here they are, three generations of Cahns:


Ma (Jackie)





Uncle Mikey

Aunt Magel



Baby Sadie

Wild Boar

Hippie Snake

The Whole Gang Minus Napping Indy

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