Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Umbria Part 3: The Plot - Eating, Drinking and Gaming

Every night with our bellies full of delicious meats, pastas and vegetables prepared by my personal favorite chef, my brother Andrew, and our minds intoxicated with the fine (yet still insanely cheap) wine of Umbria, my family gathered around the table to play Liar’s Dice - a game with a perfect mix of luck and skill such that no one gets too mad about losing, well at least not for too long.

And much to the delight and maybe the surprise of most of us, our step mom, who loathes the intensely competitive nature of the Cahn family, ended up taking home the crown.

P.S. I actually ate so much meat (from wild boar to mortadella) on this trip, that I have now cut it out of my diet.

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