Monday, 5 October 2009

I'm Back!

After 16 days of being a map-toting tourist, an extreme walker, an over-eater, a wild boar hunter, a competitive game player, a baby-sitting baby sister, and a non-dirndl wearing massive beer drinker – all without the Internet! – I arrived home to Berlin in one, albeit tired, piece. And now, after a day of moving into my new amazing flat and a weekend of lying in bed with my favorite German, I am back to work, back to blogging and back to reality — well at least this so-called reality that I live in Berlin.

So before I left you all, I chose three pics off the Internet to show you the places I would visit – Rome, Umbria and Munich – and now that I am back, I will give you three of my own photos to show you each extremely different place. With many more pics and some stories to come that may explain those differences.

Rome - The Colosseum

Umbria - The Villa

Munich - The Oktoberfest


Sarah said...

welcome back! i missed your posts!

meg said...

umbria looks amaaazing. i missed you!