Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Gimme Some Skin

I wore a sheer top with only a bra underneath out one night last weekend. More provocative then my usual attire yes, but it was black and my skirt underneath was high-waisted and ultra-long so only a bit of skin showed and it was covered. My girlfriends thought it was cute or didn't even notice but my friend that's a guy thought it was crazy I would wear such a thing. But you know, the sheer trend has been around for awhile now and my attempt at it was pretty subtle compared to some. Ahem:
At least she didn't forget her socks...But anyway, I don't actually want to discuss the fact that this Italian fashionista (who has been popping up around the blogs for awhile now) wore such a get-up to an afternoon lunch in NYC. I want to talk about skin in general. It's everywhere! I posted about my obsession with but fear of wearing cutout dresses a bit ago and since then the trend has skyrocketed. Bits of skin, whether shoulders, rib cages, stomachs or backs are peaking out all over the place. And just in time for winter. I almost bought one in Manchester but I chickened out at the last minute. But maybe by the time spring rolls around I will own and feel confident enough to wear such a thing. I did just join the gym and this might actually just be a blog post to motivate me to go there this afternoon. :)
via Mr Newton (same with sheer on at the top)

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letiziabarcelona said...

I like the second photo I think she's elegant and classy, but not the first one, it's "too much";)