Monday, 5 September 2011

Cut It Out!

There is a little folder on my desktop where I have been collecting photos of cutout dresses for some time. Although I don't own one — maybe because my confidence isn't quite at the level it needs to be to pull one off or maybe just because I haven't found the right one yet — I still have a bit of an obsession. And yesterday when I saw this photo (which is certainly not helping that earlier mentioned confidence) of my dear friend Bryn (who will be arriving in NYC for a vacay next week!) on Facebook, I knew it was time to post the bunch. 

Hey Brynnie, can you please wear this when you are in NYC. I can only imagine where the night will take us....
via Harper's BAZAAR
via Lulus


Sarah D. said...

bryn looks amazing in this dress. nipples and all.

Taryn said...

Cute stuff, I guess I want it all :-)