Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Song on Repeat: "King Rides By"

The woman I spent my younger years listening to in all her (and mine) melancholic glory is back. Meow. Well kind of. This track is a remix of Cat Power's 1996 song "Kings Ride By" with Filipino boxer and politician Manny Pacquiao mesmerizingly getting into it with a punching bag for the video. Giovanni Ribisi directed it, did you know he and Chan Marshall (AKA Cat Power) are going out? I didn't until today. I also found out she is working on a new album.

I'm mildly excited for that — but you know it is true, sadly, the older I get the less exciting new music is and the less likely it is to really change my life the way You Are Free did back in the day. But anyway, no need for any of that negativity. I really did love her, probably why it's the song on repeat for this grey wintery afternoon. I loved her for her beautiful raspy voice, depressing lyrics, classic cool girl grunge style and her insane onstage antics. Were you at the show where she hid behind the curtain for half of the concert or the one where she lip-synched rap songs the whole time to a booing audience? She is a nutter, or apparently was. Gotta love her for it though. 

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Sarah D said...

that means giovanni is converting her to scientology... ugh