Thursday, 15 December 2011

Fun in Manchester and Glasgow

I haven't told you much about my time in Manchester and Glasgow as a lot of it was spent simply hanging out, catching up, drinking tea by the fire, going on walks, watching man TV, taking baths, eating pasta, working on the little children's book I wrote (more on that later) and hanging out with a little child. Just time with people who are so close to me but live so far away. Amazing yes, but not too much to report on there. But then again, what a good time we had just being us and being silly. Going out and having fun, staying in and having fun, from evenings jumping on the bed with my niece to late nights in the Northern Corner wearing hats and being ridiculous with new friends. Oh and there was my brother channeling Elton John, Nick eating a really big fish and two year old Sadie cooking us all dinner. I do seem to have a few photos of that: 

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Megan said...

elton john followed by a jumping sadie are tooo cute. fun times.