Thursday, 29 December 2011

An England Day Trip: Bolton Abbey

I told you a little about my UK holiday already here and here but there was one lovely little day trip out of Manchester that I wanted to share as well, and I might have another up my sleeve for later. But anyway, Manchester itself is a fun city with cute little cafes and funky bars, but sadly it is not the prettiest of places. Trees and parks are not its forte, but just outside the city (and unlike NYC there was actually a car to get into) is everything a nature lover is looking for from rolling hills, rivers, lakes and that British countryside greenery. I'd been wanting to explore the outer areas the whole time I was there but the usual laziness, city and travel plans got in the way. But the last day we made it out and despite the pretty frigid temperatures, Manchester decided to give us clear blue skies and sun. Lovely. 

We drove about 45 minutes to Bolton Abbey, a beautiful old church and cemetery on a river surrounded by hiking trails. I got a little obsessed with watching the British TV series "The Trip" while I was there (that and "Frozen Planet" {I do miss having a TV, I'll admit]} and the Abbey was one of the many places Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon visited on their culinary expedition. Unfortunately the river was too high to reenact Coogan crossing it on the slippery rock path. The dude even almost brought a change of clothes incase he fell in the freezing water in his attempt, but thought it would seal his cold and wet fate if he did. But we did get to go on a lovely little hike, breath some amazing fresh air and talk to the little old man that ran the church. Have you ever noticed how little old men that run churches in England love to chat? I love little old men. Here are some pics: 

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