Monday, 5 December 2011

Something Nice About Coming Home...

I took a week off from blogging after returning to NYC after six weeks away and per usual the transition back into city life was not such a pleasant one. Amazing to see my friends yes, but I came back to a room left in disarray by my subletter, missing clothing including a special Paris purchase that I adore, a house with mice in it (my absolute and yes, most irrational fear) and the anxiety that comes with having to search for a job once again. Oh and that whole missing someone thing doesn't really help either. So yeah, coming back has not been the easiest. But things are looking up and it is even pretty nice and warm in good old Brooklyn, especially compared to freezing Manchester. And despite the non-wintery weather another nice thing about coming home is the holiday season that has erupted around me. Everywhere I go there is Christmas music playing (on Sat night on our way out the other Megan asked our cab driver to turn his Xmas tunes up as we drove to Williamsburg, and of course he obliged, it was all very cute), Christmas trees are being sold on the sides of the road and every time I leave my apartment I get to walk past this house with its massive amount of lights, glowing angels and the Christmas music they are playing for the neighborhood to hear, naturally. This all makes me happy. 

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