Monday, 25 July 2011

The Summer Dress

After the hottest weekend I have ever felt (I am pretty positive I got heat stroke on Sat night), it has cooled down to a frosty 80 degrees. I know for the average person 80 is hot, but for us New Yorkers, it is refreshing and lovely and so relieving. We can still wear summer dresses, shorts and no jackets, but we don't have to be worried about feeling and looking like we just stepped out of a sauna at all times.

And speaking of summer dresses, in the last week or so I have seen at least four or five ladies sporting this little number. Like the girl above each of them wore some sort of novelty bra — either in lace or a bright color — to show in the back and the sides. A couple of the girls wore it in a larger size so it had more of a baggy look to it — or maybe it's a different cut — either way, I liked that. So after seeing it so many times I started to wonder, is this the dress of the summer? I mean I get it, it's cute and open, perfect for those earlier said intense heat days. I like that too.

With its simple design and cotton fabric I assumed it was from American Apparel, and I assumed right. Looks like AA is all about the scoop back these days, they have one in pretty much every fabric and pattern. Kinda want to get it, but kinda don't because so many people are wearing it right now. What do you think of this summer dress? Would you buy something so popular?

Photo by Mr. Newton.

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