Friday, 15 July 2011

American Psycho Ladies

I was at my local bar having a glass of wine with the other Megan last night and per usual they were playing a cult classic film on silent with subtitles behind the bar — this time it was American Psycho.  I haven't seen it in quite some time (although Patrick Bateman has come up when referring to people in a few conversations recently) so when I looked up from our conversation and noticed Reese Witherspoon on the screen I was a bit surprised. I totally forgot that she was in the movie, but I definitely remembered Chloe Sevigny was in it, even if she had the smaller part. I mean we all know I am a Chloe girl, and certainly not a Reese girl.

They seem like such polar-opposite celebrities to me. Even though Reese started out doing a lot of indie films (Freeway is my all-time fave), it is hard to even imagine them being in a movie together because they are so different. Tall Megan even ventured a guess that they never even talked to each other during filming. What do you think? Could they be friends? Are you a Chloe or a Reese girl?

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