Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Versailles Envy

I certainly have nothing to complain about, I will be the first to admit that with all the traveling I have done in the past couple years, I have lived a bit of a charmed life. But not as charmed as these girls! I mean, I haven't got to do any time traveling or anything. When I saw the pics of those French fashion bloggers (Louise, Alix and crew) at a party in Versailles all dressed to the nines in Marie Antoinette garb, I almost lost it. I want to do that! 

Le Carnaval de Versailles took place in all its extravagant decadence earlier this July and those lucky enough to attend the strictly enforced masked ball got dance into the wee hours of the night, drink champagne and nibble on the most delectable treats I am sure, well if their corsets allowed. I am so jeally! How amazing to party in XVIIIth century Versailles for a night? The sky-high hair! The dresses! Oh my! I love the Cherry Blossom Girl's pics below, especially the ones that have the juxtaposition of modern day devices against the Baroque backdrop. Would you want to go this party? Um, I would.

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