Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Family Values

The Cahn Kids 

I have returned to boiling hot NYC after a long stay at Stinson Beach with my family, a family that continues to grow as my brothers have more kids and as their families get added up into the mix. About 20 members came in and out of that amazing waterfront beach house (with an outdoor shower and bonfire!), among childhood friends and girlfriends here and there. Growing up I never had such big family vacations and even though I had three older brothers it never really seemed like I had that big of a family. But now there are little ones, and little ones on the way, and grannies, and aunties, and extravagant beach houses — it's pretty amazing. So many people, so much food and a bit of the stuff that comes with a bunch of family members sleeping under the same roof: drama.

Even before all this exponential growth, my family was an intense one. My bros are all competitive, intelligent and unique and when we all get together there is no shortage of sibling rivalry, whether during a game of scrabble or a conversation about music. We know each other better than anyone — the perfect recipe to get under each others' skin, but more importantly to make each other laugh and feel better after it's all said and done. At the end of the day, at the end of the trip, despite little bumps here and there (that is family, right?), I look back and feel so lucky to have the luxury of spending time with these peeps and can't wait to add my own family additions to the ever-growing bunch. 

How would you feel about spending 10 days in a house with your whole fam? What about with the families below?
The Baldwin Brothers
Tent-dwelling hippie Family of the Mystic Arts commune
The Carter Family 
The Jolie-Pitt Family 
Samoan family bathing in a natural pool on Western Samoa
The Zoe Fam
The Obama Family 
Photos from LIFE archive and EOnline.

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