Friday, 22 July 2011

ICElandic Dreaming

Last night I dreamed up a little Icelandic vacation for myself in my head. Maybe because the country has the word "ice" in its name and I am in the midst of an NYC heatwave to beat all NYC heatwaves, with a weather report that reads 100 degrees with a feels like 110 underneath. Without an AC I might add, yes I am dying. 

Anyway, at the moment it is a purely fictional thought, but a little Reykjavík rendezvous is not completely improbable. We do have a friend who works for a certain famous singer that lives there part-time and all the subways are plastered with adds for cheap flights on IcelandAir. So maybe a quick stopover on my way to the UK next time? I'm dying to go in one of those geothermal spas, you know?

So if I make it there, these Icelandic beauties shot by Facehunter, might just be my fashion competition. What do you think of the style in Reykjavík?

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