Friday, 28 January 2011

The Dog Days

Today was a day, a really really bad day, and to be honest it has been a pretty bad week. But not to get all terribly maudlin in this space that is supposed to be about positivity and things I love (or are contemplating loving/buying/bought), I am trying to focus on the positive. This week I did get two blog awards, a versatile blogger award from Kendra and a stylish blogger award from Diane. How sweet!

It is a nice thought to think there are people out there, many of them whom I don't know, who are reading and enjoying my musings here on Another Zoe Day. I really do appreciate it. So I guess the drill is that I am supposed to list seven things about myself that you may not know and pass the awards on to the owners of some of my favorite places to hang out on the Internet. 

Okay, well hopefully writing this will not only distract me from the series of ridiculously frustrating events that seem to keep occurring in my life these days, but also show a side of me that is different from this little miserable fashion lover and maybe even introduce you to a few new blogs.  

1 From the age of 18 (so this was not because I was an army brat or had parents who moved around all the time or anything, in fact I lived in the same house from the age of 1 to 17), I have lived in 18 different homes, in 7 different cities and 3 different countries. This is actually new news to me too, I never calculated it out until just now. 

2 So this might beg a certain question: I am turning 30 this year. Yeah shhh, don't tell anyone. No no no, I am proud. 30 is the new 20. 

3 I started this blog, not for the love of fashion or the love of talking about myself, but for the love of Obama. 35 days before he was elected President, I decided to document the amazing change that was happening in the States and my experience being a part of it. Check the archives!

4 My blog is called Another Zoe Day because when I moved to New York City, it happened to be with my best friend, who happens to share the same name as me. We got so sick of introducing ourselves to people as Megan and Megan, that we came up with fake names: Vivian Green and yes, Zoe Day.

5 I am having crazy maternal instincts these days....but they are for a puppy. 

6 My favorite foods are weird bitter greens (don't get me wrong I do love ice cream) like kale and broccoli rabe, but they don't have them in Berlin, so I have to stick to ice cream.

7 I am pigeon-toed and I make a ridiculous pouty face every time I look in the mirror. But turning 30 means embracing silly things like this about yourself, right?

Oh and just for good fashion measure... I am obsessed with really long skirts and short short shorts. I guess I can be kind of extreme at times. 

So now I am going to pass these awards (in tandem yes, because I think these ladies are all versatile and stylish) to:

Megan Elise: Yup, the Megan I moved to NYC with. Her blog is full of lovely insight on art, music and New York City. She has had to slow down on the blogging as of late because of a new jobby job, but she should know the blogoshpere still loves and misses her.
Chasing Heartbeats: To another Northern California girl living in Germany. We have never met in real life, but found each other on the Internet. It is nice to know there is someone out there like me, plus her blog is great.
Inspirafashion: And lastly is actually a blog I discovered just today, but I really love the way she dresses. It is a straight up fashion blog and her outfit pics are fun and stylish. I mean, anyone who wears socks with platform sandals is okay in my book.

Wow, writing this did actually take my mind off things and make me feel better, thanks guys! 

Top image from Fffound!


and then there was METAL said...

that puppy looks so lonely =(

Autumn said...

I'd always wondered who Zoe was! Ha!

Paper Heart Girl said...

Great post lady! Glad you are feeling better! xxxx

Couture Carrie said...

Awesome post, darling! So cool about the history of your blog!
Congrats on your awards!


Tinfoils Tiaras said...

I just missed the boat- I tagged you in my stylish blogger award today as well! :) I love the story of your blog name and I was born pigeon toed as well! They thought I would have to get surgery but I'm fine, I just skate and rollerblade turned inwards! Have a great weekend xo Emily

ashley said...

I too have moved a ridiculous amount of times in the last 5 something years.... for a while it was a new city every 10 months. like clockwork and almost scary... but now somehow i have stayed over 2 years in this little spot.... but want to know a secret? we are moving up your way in less than a year! but shhhhhh.
and I need a damn puppy. and kale. i found it once at the farmers market here and accidentally bought a kilo which turned out to be a bag as big as my torso.
thanks for the shout out my dear, and i really hope your week gets better!

No Alice No said...

Congrats for your awards.
I hope things will go better for you.
Thanks for your sweet comment.

Wida said...

I love your facts! I, too, have been a military brat. I've been to 13 different schools my whole life, not including colleges!

This is great! :)

Missing Amsie Blog

Laura said...

Great great post:))