Saturday, 22 January 2011

Joanna Hillman Overload

Joanna has taken over the Internet! First I posted about the Harper Bazaar editor's 30 days of outfits and now her very own closet (as well as another blogger fave Mary Kate Steinmiller's of Teen Vogue) is being featured over at the Coveted. A new site that on its own deserves a little mention, it is the Selby of closets, with amazing photos of our favorite fashionables' best clothing decorating their of course stylish abodes. Pretty amazing. And not only are there a bunch of pics to drool over, but little anecdotes about certain items in said closets. And once again my fave shoes make an appearance. Will someone just buy me them already? Either that or a big walk-in closet where I too can show of all my special treasures. 


DeLiz said...


Nicole said...

cute shoes :) me lovee x

ashley said...

Just got lost on the coveted. HOW did I not know about the site before? love!