Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Oh Just Some World Champions

Life is weird, I always say that. Pretty much because I often end up in situations that I never thought I would experience and in places I never thought I would be — last weekend was a pretty good example of that. Although I do like sports — I have three older brothers, I played soccer my whole life etc — until Sunday I had never seen, or even thought to see, a rugby game. And Sunday was the ultimate rugby game. It was the World Cup Finals, New Zealand was playing France, and I was in a bar (at 9 am) surrounded by more Kiwis then I even knew existed in London. It was a scene from the beginning, and I always knew it was a big deal, but I started to realize just how important this all really was as the game went on. Each of their faces got more and more wracked with nerves as the really close game continued, you could feel the intensity, until finally the time wore down and New Zealand won by just one point and the bar exploded with screams, tears, popping bottles of champagne, boys and, one girl, drinking out of a shoe (later I was told it was a French shoe) and pretty much total celebratory debauchery. It was a pretty amazing thing to see, just complete happiness all around, which turned into one of the most fun days I have had in awhile. Take a look at the craziness:  

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