Thursday, 6 October 2011

My New Dirty Secret: The Gap

When you think of the Gap don't button-up shirts and awkward sweaters you used to get for Christmas come to mind? Yeah me too. But in the last month or so I have popped into the preppy haven numerous times (explanation: there is one next door to my work) and have come out with some pretty choice items. First it was these awesome booties (that photo does not do them justice) that I have pretty much been wearing everyday. Weirdly Gap has really good and well-priced shoes, who knew? Then I got this military jacket, as my old one was missing pretty much every button, and it is a more than a worthy replacement. Both items are pretty cool, as in I feel cool when I wear them, you know a bit rock n' roll. Yeah I'll admit it, and I am admitting the not so rock n' roll place I bought them. The other two items I purchased fall more into the traditional Gap category: a pinky red cable knit sweater and the most perfect fitting, from the uber tightness to the exact no hem needed length, pair of dark denim skinny jeans (not easy to find). So kudos Gap! What a pleasant surprise. 

PS They are having a huge sale now, if one happens to be next door to your office, go!

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