Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Guess Who?

What I usually find most attractive about Anne Hathaway is her clothes. For me, she falls into that Julia Roberts over-sized mouth category of actresses that are definitely beautiful but something with their faces is just a little bit off — most likely that said over-sized mouth. I also appreciate her acting (loved Rachel Getting Married) and how she embraces her incredibly pale skin (like mine), but her looks and that gaggling laugh-at-yourself, trying-to-be -witty personality (also very Julia Roberts) just put me off. But in the new issue of British GQ Anne looks particularly out of character and particularly good. She oozes sexiness and that 1960s rock n' roll girlfriend quality of Jane Birkin or one of those other Euro chicks everyone is obsessed with blogging about these days. Naturally I am into it, but maybe in the end it's just because I can't really see her face.

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meg said...

yeah these remind me of you... remember seeing rachel getting married and the movie wouldn't start and everyone in new york was like 'i have somewhere to be!!'