Monday, 1 February 2010

Chanel in Quotations

I am not so into Twitter, it just doesn't seem to fit in my life and I don't find it very entertaining to follow random peoples' daily rants and activities (at least in such a format, I do love random blogs) or those I could just Facebook, text, or God forbid call if I was curious to what they were up to. But I just came across an account that I am actually a bit fascinated by, well maybe more than a bit. First and foremost because Mr. Karl Lagerfeld has written just 49 tweets and has 186,828 followers, but he himself is not following a single soul. Awesome. And he's a pretty entertaining albeit a bit lonely seeming guy, some of his tweets are hilarious, some ridiculous, some profound-ish and some terribly melancholy written in the wee hours of the night. Here are a few of my faves.

I like imagination -- and the way I think things could be, had been, or should be -- better than reality.
4:38 AM Nov 27th, 2009 from web

Forgiveness is too easy. I can forget by indifference, but not forgive. I prefer revenge.
6:07 AM Sep 13th, 2009 from web

I think I'm going to have a dinner party where no one speaks. I'll give all my guests pens and pads instead of the usual dinner conversation
6:47 AM Apr 24th, 2009 from web

What I like in Monte Carlo is that I feel liked, I feel wanted, but I can walk on the street with nobody grabbing.
8:41 AM Mar 30th, 2009 from web

My dream? Transparent fur. The hair on plastic and not on leather. We’ve tried, but nobody has found it yet.
7:34 PM Feb 18th, 2009 from web

After the couture, I am spending a quiet weekend in my all-glass apartment, floating over the river on Quai Voltaire.
6:55 AM Jan 31st, 2009 from web

Florals are for middle-aged women with weight problems.
9:15 PM Jan 26th, 2009 from web

Believe it or not, I love rap.
7:46 AM Jan 19th, 2009 from web

Fur is not murder, but it is quite expensive.
4:53 PM Jan 3rd, 2009 from web

Chanel is an institution, and you have to treat an institution like a whore – and then you get something out of her.
11:12 PM Nov 16th, 2008 from web

P.S. His bio reads "A terrible underachiever." Ridic.

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