Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Skype Shots

Long distance relationships are hard, but thank God for Skype and a bottle of wine. I feel like I have given a whole new meaning to "online dating" with the magic of that web cam. But let me tell you as enthusiastic as I was when I discovered the beauty of video chat and as excited as I once was to just see his face, I am a thousand times more excited to never do it again. I am over it and counting down the days (12!) for my romantic life to begin in 3D once again. The Skype magic is gone, the novelty has worn off, whatever you want to say — I did just take some cool mid-chat photos though. Who would've thought this new technology could also transport us back in time and produce some shots that may have as well been taking in 1979. I do love an old (looking) photo, and even better if its of him.

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