Friday, 5 February 2010

Seeing Red

Over the last couple months I have developed a great aversion bordering on hatred toward the color red. I have gotten rid of most of my red clothes and cringe every time I see a red(eek!)-carpet gown or something in a magazine in the intense hue. I'll take red wine, red balloons (99?) and red lipstick but red attire - no thank you. I even find these fashionable ensembles from the Jak & Jill blog cringe-worthy. I have no idea where this repugnancy originated and I honestly find it a bit strange, but just the same it's a part of me now. Have you ever depised a color or am I just plain crazy? At least my friend's blog Color Hater makes me feel better about myself. I mean she hates all colors, I loath only one.

Note: I will only make an exception for a Freddy Krueger sweater I bought in S.F. because it is oh so comfy.

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