Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Brooklyn Girl

I was catching up on some much needed Gossip Girl online the other day and low and behold in walks Vanessa wearing my coat! Well the $585 Diane Von Furstenberg coat that I sheepishly placed on my Holiday Wish List knowing that even though it looks a little like something I could find at a thrift store, I would never be slipping my arms into those pretty plaid sleeves.

I don't think I have ever even owned any item of clothing that costs over $200, I top out at a $150 pair of boots. I am just putting this out there because Miss Vanessa is supposed to be the poor bohemian Brooklyn girl (like me!) that, you know, can only afford to live in Dumbo and wear Diane Von Furstenberg. And of course it felt good to see my taste reiterated onscreen. Sometimes I do fancy myself an amateur stylist — though I would have gone with different boots.

Thanks for the line Deanna.

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