Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Recently I have found myself more attracted to simpler clothes and higher-fashion. Whether it's because it's no longer thrown in my face every day at work or simply because I am growing up, since I have been back from Berlin I have been steering clear of the more crazier ensembles in my makeshift closet. Not that I can afford designer duds all of a sudden (quite the contrary) or will stop scouring every Salvation Army in the Tri-state area, I am just ready to admit that I understand the satisfaction that comes with putting on a well-made garment that no one has ever worn before.

Anyway, today I discovered the line Duskin and am even more convinced of my new desire to own beautiful new clothes. I love the gentle florals, simple white embroidered mini-dresses, short shorts and high-wasted skirts. It's almost like the line was made for me, so it was no surprise when I found out it is designed by a former fashion magazine editor who lives in Williamsburg. And if this wasn't enough I also found her blogs for Duskin and the Bestest Song Ever and they are just as awesome. Cheers to you Stephanie Tran!


The Cherry Blog said...

bottom left ensemble has me hooked! beautifully simple ideas. xx

meg said...

where can you buy these??

DUSKIN said...

oh, thank you so much!!!