Tuesday, 1 December 2009

My Holiday Gift Guide

So I realized that a sort of Christmas/Hanukkah wish list if you will, has been building up in my head rather rapidly for the last couple days/weeks now. Sometimes I have no idea what I want, but it's certainly not the case this year. Not that I will really be celebrating or unwrapping any presents (my gifts have already come in the form of air miles), but in the spirit of the season I thought I would just put this out there. A girl can dream, right?

Ray-Ban Tortoiseshell Clubmaster Shades - I have been wearing my $5 cheapy pair for long enough now, I think it is time for the real thing.

Hooded Scarf (in black please) - A hood and scarf in one is pure genius - practical and Gothic at the same time! I actually bought one off Amazon but was seriously disappointed when it arrived. The hood wasn't big enough and it was itchy. Weirdly this seems like something that requires a little bit of a splurge, especially since this perfect one is made of angora. I think this just might be number one on my wish list.

French Press - Ever since I left Berlin my coffee just hasn't tasted the same. I believe one of these might just do the trick, or at least have a placebo effect.

Black Over The Knee Suede Boots - Okay okay, I know I already own a pair of black over the knee boots - but I don't have a high-heeled suede pair. Plus these are a cheap version, so it's okay that they probably will be out of style in two seasons.

Soccer Ball - I have spent too many days at Prospect Park complaining about not having one of these to kick around. Will someone just buy me one already! Then we can play pass backs.

iTunes Gift Card - I am terribly sick of my music collection right now and in desperate need of a revamp. And now that I don't work for the magazine anymore, I am no longer showered with gifts from Apple (in fact I'll take a new iPod too) every holiday. They used to give me so much of this plastic, I would give it away like candy. Oh the good old days!

Diane Von Furstenberg Coat - And just for fun, if anyone really wants go all out (break the bank) for yours truly, I would die for this little number. Karsten thinks it looks like a psychedelic potato sack, but maybe that is what makes me love it that much more? Plus, it's on sale so you'll only have to take out a small loan.

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