Friday, 19 June 2009

Girls Will Be Girls

So Courtney and I have a new roommate (a man!) and yesterday I think we gave him a serious taste of what his future may have in store, or at least one extreme girly version of it. First off, he walks upstairs and we are in the midst of our second bottle of wine and at the tail end of He’s Just Not that Into You. Let me tell you that movie is really depressing - it gave Mary, Court and I such anxiety that we had to pause it for a cigarette break. Are women really just terribly desperate (like my desperate love wall?) and men just assholes? Yes yes I know, it’s a terrible rom com chick flick (and I am admitting to to the world that I watched it), but still, that shit was rough.

So back to more girliness for the new roomie, not only were we drinking wine and watching Jennifer Aniston try to find love again, the entire living room was covered in clothes. Ha! It’s actually kind of exciting, we spent the day taking pics for our new online vintage store, and our living room has of course been turned into our warehouse. Well, at least he didn't come in mid fashion shoot. Anyway, we will be selling all our old goodies on Etsy for pretty amazingly cheap. So stay tuned for more details and in the mean time have a sneak peak at some of our pics. Got to love The Bell Jar.

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