Monday, 22 June 2009

Father's Day 2009

I think this was the first Father's Day that I actually got to spend with my dad in at least four years. And it was just perfect. Myself (Aunt Magel), Aaron, Deanna, Maisie, India, Ma (Jackie), Bobba (Dad and India's first word), brunch and futbol. And let me tell you about that baby India - I was at A & D's for almost 10 hours and I barely even heard a whimper out of her - only ooohs, gurgles and laughs as she chilled on the couch and watched soccer with us, as her older sister twirled around the room, sang and danced. I think that Maisie might just be a star. Those two, as Deanna would say, just kill me. Here are some pics.

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