Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Trench Coat Weather

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a weather fanatic who hates the cold. People, including myself, often wonder why I have chosen to live in New York City and Berlin, with their insanely long, cold winters. I mean I should probably just move to Los Angeles already. But the thing about LA is that you don't get that amazing feeling when the air starts to warm up and it resonates in every sense of your body. The all-encompassing-ness of coldness melting away and the sheer pleasure that comes with wearing a trench coat for the first time — just a thin layer protecting you from the elements since months and months — is like nothing else. 

Last weekend I broke out the trench and oh how good did it feel. I also wore a dress without tights, which I admit, may have been a little premature. But the trench coat, man, the trench coat felt good. Have you got to break out your spring gear yet?

Photo from Refinery29.


Jenny said...

The weather teases me to much! Just yesterday I wasn't wearing tights to work, but today, it was too cold not to! ahhh! I can't wait to put my coat and these horrid tights away.

mjaguilera said...

I'm enamored with trench coats, they're timeless! Great choices :)


Paper Heart Girl said...

A light jacket is definitely needed for the very moment the sun sets. Though, it's been soOo hot in London today! xxx

Anonymous said...

Wow I just realized I don;t even own a trench coat. It's not really something I need round here'. In fact, when you see someone walking around in one here it stands out in a wierd way. lol. What does yours look like?

Elaine said...

Totally love trench coats!