Thursday, 21 April 2011

Holy Passover!

Dress (thrifted Humana, Berlin), maroon flats (vintage Clothes Contact, San Francisco) belt (thrifted, Berlin), necklace (borrowed from Rachael) 

It is nights like the one this past Monday that make me so happy to be back in New York, even if I had never had a night quite like it when I was in the city before. I mean, I had Passover seders when my dad was in town, but it was nothing like 24 friends (many of whom had never celebrated a Jewish holiday before and one adorable little baby [in black] who had never celebrated a holiday before) getting together at one huge table for a traditional (semi) service and meal. 

My dear friend Rachael (who's living room I am sleeping in) decided to throw her first seder, and with a little help from the other roommates, she somehow pulled it off. There was delicious food to be eaten, wine (four cups, right?) to be enjoyed, some prayers, some reading and all around good fun, tons of laughs and the requisite late night dance party. I wore a dress that was one of my last purchases at Humana in Berlin (I think I might actually miss those thrift stores) with Rach's African necklace. At first it seemed like an unlikely pairing, but I am really into the bold pattern on pattern look, and apparently it works with jewelry as well. Might just have to steal it from her for the next holiday.


Anonymous said...

Oh man that looks like a fun time!

ashley // chasing heartbeats said...

This looks amazing! and it makes me miss my friends back in San Francisco so much! dinner parties are my favorite!