Friday, 25 February 2011


The Polka Dot Dress that is. As we all know, I have developed a bit of an obsession with leopard these days — but before my fondness for feline kicked in, there was another pattern that prevailed, and is still the most prominent print in my wardrobe. Yup polka dots, they have been all over the runway at Marc Jacobs and more this season, but I have always had an affinity for the polka dot, preferably the polka dot dress, and preferably the polka dot dress in blue, black or white (there I am wearing the maxi).

I purchased yet another (in the front) on my trip to London at this little makeshift vintage sale I randomly passed. Obviously from the photo of part of my collection hanging in my window (just an excuse to document the sun again), I do already have a few. But I didn't have a sheer mid-length one that fits perfectly with my new style for spring. Pretty amazing, right? I cannot wait until it gets warm enough to wear it. What is your favorite pattern?


Paper Heart Girl said...

Ahhh, they look fabulous all lined along your window like that! I love the sheer poka dot ones! My favourite pattern is stripes! I can't stop buying striped t-shirts! xxxx

The Cherry Blog said...

LOVE polka dots. def a fave in my wardrobe ;) have a great weekend! x

Tamy & Yasmin said...

i love love love polka dotted clothes, mainly shirts ans dresses! your blog is so good! now on i'm folowing you with google connect friend, follow me back if you like mine as well? :)

xxx Tamy