Saturday, 26 February 2011

My Upside Down Life

It has been quite a week for me, as I may have eluded to a bit already here on the blog. Ever since I got back from London, the world as I know it, is no longer. Just as my year anniversary of living in Berlin passed this Monday, the final chapter of my days here has begun. I have purchased a plane ticket back to New York, as well as a plane ticket to Glasgow (need to get as much cheap travel in before I am back in the world of expensive rent and over-priced plane rides) to spend some much needed family (my bro and his wife and baby live there) and alone time before I go. 

As sad as I am to leave my life in Berlin (what I wouldn't give for another warm day at Badeschiff) and say goodbye to the person who made it so special, and as scary a feeling it is when your life takes a drastic change, I am actually quite excited about looking at the world from this new perspective and returning to a place I have lived, full of people I love, with fresh eyes. 

So I am back to the airport once again tomorrow and will write more soon...

Photo from LIFE.

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